TPE SEX DOLL is an acronym that stands for thermoplastic elastomer.  It is one of the most popular materials for sex dolls and toys because of it’s softness and flexibility.  TPE is a great material for creating the small detailed features of a sex doll, like their mouths, noses, and labia.  The material is soft and easy for doll makers to mold, TPE dolls will look and feel the most realistic because of this.  The material is also very flexible, it can be bent, stretched, twisted and it will retain it’s original shape.  These qualities make it one of the best material for realistic sex dolls.  TPE is easy to clean, resistant to markings and tears, and dries quickly.

Our TPE sex dolls are manufactured at our facility.  They will be shipped in discreet, unmarked cardboard packaging. Shipping is free on all orders, we ship by air

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