Allison Sex Doll 4.5ft/136cm




‘Allison’ comes in this special busty body with bigger hips as you see her in these photos. There are 2 heights available in this body type. Please select your options as listed.

Body Styles Available for this head:

4.5 ft DD-cup (53″/136cm) | Measurements: 30-22-34 • Weight: 55 lbs.

4.9 ft DD-cup (57″/148cm) Measurements: 35-22-36 • Weight: 62 lbs.

Vaginal Depth: 7″/18cm | Anal Depth: 7″/18cm | Oral Depth: 5.1″/13cm

We can’t get enough of our outstandingly gorgeous love doll delight Allison. Now we’ve decided to give you the option to have her come with the exceptionally desirable “Booty Body.” The lovely curves of her hips and bounce of her butt is enough to make a grown man weak in the knees. Allison is even more versatile and can be custom ordered to fit your individual needs. She is crafted carefully and meticulously made just for you, and considering how often she can turn heads it is easy to see what makes her so popular. At Sex Dolls Plaza your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we are proud of our solid silicone love doll Allison, because she fills more than just your desires: She can satisfy your soul’s desire for companionship.

When you get Allison home with you for the first time you see her it will be obvious. Her lovely immaculate skin is textured and contoured for maximum pleasure and enjoyment. Caressing her cheek (either on her face or booty) will send a spark and a chill down your spine as you imagine the Kinky Antics you will have with her for the rest of your life. For the price of a week of fine dinners out on the town, you can have your own personal lover who will never leave your side. When you walk in your door you will know exactly where perfect sex doll Allison is waiting for you to tend to your needs.

It would be misleading of us to say she is alive, because she is clearly a premium quality high grade silicone replica of a loving beauty… But something about Allison makes us feel something special for her. Holding her hand in yours replicates the comforting embrace of a living partner who wants nothing more than to bring you joy every day.

Here is a little story fantasy to give you an idea of what you can expect when you choose Allison as your companion:

It is a dark and stormy quiet winter evening, and you lay in bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea or coffee. Allison is in bed beside you and lovingly you gently caress her inner thighs. You know something is stirring in your own loins, and you know that she is frisky and ready to play.

Your personal love doll Allison feels so realistic in your hands that you can close your eyes and almost imagine hearing her breathing softly. Her short breathing huffs indicate she is just as turned on as you. Slowly you inch your shaking hands up her thighs to between her legs. Because you remembered to warm up her private parts in a warm bath beforehand, she is hot and wet to the touch. You insert a single finger insider her and you know you will metaphorically melt inside her once you insert your manhood.

Allison is always ready, and all you need is a little to lay her down and take her.

Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with body that is a perfect match to a real girl’s body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to sell you silicone dolls for less money.