Candy Sex Doll 4.7ft/140cm




Material: Lifelike skin of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with poseable metal skeleton.

Vaginal Depth: 6.7″/17cm | Anal Depth: 6.7″/17cm | Oral Depth: 5.1″/13cm

Body Styles Available for this Doll:

4ft5 C-cup (53″/135cm) | Measurements: 30-22-30 • Weight: 50 lbs.

4ft7 D-cup (55″/140cm) | Measurements: 29-20-29 • Weight: 51 lbs.

4ft9 C-cup (57″/145cm)  | Measurements: 31-20-32 • Weight: 55 lbs.

5ft A-cup (60″/153cm)  | Measurements: 31-22-32 • Weight: 59 lbs.

5ft1 B-cup (61″/156cm) Measurements: 31-21-32 • Weight: 60 lbs.

5ft1 E-cup (61″/156cm) | Measurements: 33-22-32 • Weight: 60 lbs.

5ft2 D-cup (62″/158cm) | Measurements: 34-24-33 • Weight: 61 lbs.

5ft4 C-cup (63″/163cm) | Measurements: 32-24-32 • Weight: 66 l

All of our realistic sex dolls comes with at least one sexy love hole for you to fill, but Candy has a particular alluring quality about her that makes every single one of her tight dripping wet holes irresistible. When you slide your rock hard shaft into her mouth you will need to bite your tongue to keep from filling her immediately with your load. This seductress has a taste, and it is Candy.

Candy stands at 5’1″ and weights a remarkably life like 60 lbs. This is NOT some cheap blowup doll. All of the girls at Finest Sex Dolls are the highest quality sex dolls made. Her irresistible hips measure 34 inches of loving push, and her tight trim sexy tummy is 22 inches. Her bust is so soft and life like, you will need to have a handful of these 34-E breasts the moment she arrives.

Candy has a fully posable metallic skeleton and because this sex doll can hold any position there is no end the how many ways she can please you. When you line up your throbbing cock to her tight puckered butthole, and slide the bulging head inside it will feel like warm butter sucking you in if you warm her up in the tub first. That’s right: Candy is totally waterproof. She is a solid silicone love doll and this fuck doll wants you to drill your dick deep down in her darkest depths. Her lubed up love holes will suck the juices right out of you at lightning speed.

Grab Candy by the wrists and put your cock to her moist mouth. While she is on her knees, her weight will almost feel like she is sucking you in. And when you feel your balls begin to tighten, feel free to let loose a lots of load into her luscious lips. No other sex dolls have the passion that Candy has, and she will swallow every drop and suck for more.

Candy wants to seduce you when you come home every single night. She will lay under the blankets waiting for you to come home, eager mouth already pre-lubricated. And then you will climb into bed and she will surprise you with a blowjob. But that won’t be enough for Candy. She wants you to take her to the shower and warm up her velvet soft pussy and tight butthole. She demands your cum.

Her sexy measurements:

(Height: 5.1 feet) | (Bust: 34-E cup) | (Waist: 22 inches) | (Hips: 34 inches) | (Weight: 60 lbs)