Elisha Sex Doll 148cm

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Elisha Sex Doll 148cm Full Silicone Lifelike Sex Doll Big Breast Oral Sex Real Doll For Man


Sex doll specification
Highth 148CM
Shoulder width 39CM
Arm length 66CM
Hand length 16.5CM
upper chest circumference 86CM
lower chest circumference 70CM
waist circumference 60CM
Hip circumference 88CM
Thigh length 33CM
Leg length 43CM
Feet length 18CM
Weight 28KG


For huge breast sex doll:
1,Practicality—-Top-quality sex products for can recycling used for a long time
2,Recreational—Real like a adult body and can make love at any pose as you like.
3, Cozy———–Full medical TPR made, raw material from Japan soft vagina ass and breast for touch and make love.Comfortable and not hurt body.
4.Clean ways—-Clean by 75% medical alcohol or wash with warm soapy water before and after use
5.Useage——–It is better to use with condom and Only for personal use.
6.Delivery——-Fast delivery OR cheapest delivery as you choose


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