Eva Sex Doll 4.0ft




Eva Sex Doll 4.0ft, All realistic sex dolls serve many purposes. They can provide companionship, as well as a very satisfying sexual outlet. All of our life like love dolls are made from the highest quality premium solid silicone, and like real breathing flesh and blood women they have uniqueness about each and every one of them. And for Eva that is a very important thing, because she is a dirty d√©butante with aspirations of being your little barely legal teen porn starlet. This fuck doll has eyes on your bulging cock, and she almost can’t contain her hunger for your meaty member. She is waiting on the couch waiting to be cast in your new amateur porn. Make her prove she has what it takes.

Eva stands 4′ tall and her beautiful face shines with feminine beauty. Her luscious hips measure an alluring 29 inches, and her trim petite waist is a slim 21 inches. Speaking of her tummy, right now this love doll is licking her lips imagining a warm tummy full of your thick globs of hot spunk (We told you this fuck doll was something special). Her bust is a perky 26 inches, and her budding boobies ache to be sprayed with milky molten man meat juice. She weighs 40 lbs, and when she is riding on top of you it will feel like every one of those pounds is tight suction pressure right on the base of your throbbing dick.

When your balls bump against her tight teen tushy, you best bite your tongue or be prepared to burst in Eva’s bubble butt. Our Eva has three holes for you to enjoy, and since she has a fully posable metallic skeleton Eva will be a sex doll for the ages. She knows as many positions as you can think of, and probably more than any of us can think of either. Since she is a realistic solid silicone love doll she is also water proof, and you can spray her with cum and spray her clean as often as she needs. Eva loves being covered and coated in creamy cum. And after you warm her up in the bathtub her delicious smooth shaved sex slit with get as slick as warm butter when lubed up.

At Sex Dolls we don’t usually let our love dolls participate in writing their own descriptions (it skews the impartial nature of the writing). Bit we made this exception for Eva:

“Hey there Cutie, I want you to do something for me: My butt is tight like a vice grip, so before you fuck my puckered butthole will you fill my mouth with lube and fuck my face? I need you to jam your cock roughly in my wet mouth and don’t blow your load just yet. Next slip your dripping wet thick throbbing dick in my starving ass. Fuck me balls deep in my pussy and ass, until you are just about to cum and then grab my head and shove your rock hard shaft into my mouth and shoot streams of sticky stuff so deep in my throat that it might squirt out my nose! And don’t worry, even if some escapes my mouth and dribbles on my lips I do my best to swallow all of you. I’m Eva Ever E. Agar, and I consent to this portrayal of how much I need your hot loads in me and on me.”¬†…We told you

Her sexy measurements:

(Height: 4 feet) | (Bust: 26 inches) | (Waist: 21 inches) | (Hips: 29 inches) | (Weight: 40 lbs)