Inna Sex Doll 5.5ft/166cm




How often have you you watched those college beach volleyball players play in those tight sports shorts and bikini tops, and just wish you could grab one and wiggle your finger in her butt while she choked down your rock hard meat pole until you blow your load into her mouth? If it is as often as us here at Sex Dolls, then you will love our Busty life size sex doll. She is an absolute bombshell of a realistic sex doll. This fuck doll is a sex slave cum slut like no other. Each of her three fuck able holes gobbles cocks like a pro. But lucky for you, each of our solid silicone sex dolls is custom made, so she is a virgin in every hole and made just for you.

Inna is so life like and realistic that when you dress her in some tight bike shorts, you might just want to sign her up for volleyball tryouts. She stands at a completely true to life 5’5″ and is as real as possible down to the last intimate detail. Busty has a monstrously magical bust measuring 42 inches, meaning you will always have two times more than a handful. Her tits are astonishing, and you will want to squirt cum all over them the moment you squeeze them or suck on them. Her hips also measure an accurate 42 inches around, and her waist is so fucking cute at 27 inches. Busty is no novice or beginner love doll. She weighs outstandingly realistic 80 lbs, and when she is laying on top of you, you may catch yourself listening for her breaths.

This life size sex doll will rock your world with each of her three dripping wet holes. Stick some fingers in her butt while she blows you, or plow her pussy as she rides your lap. Since all three of her holes are open for you to fill your dick with, you might have to hold back while you fuck her luscious lips so that you don’t finish too fast. Inna has lots of practice doing lots of sports poses and all sorts of other poses, since she had a fully posable metallic skeleton. Bend her over the bleachers and fuck her virgin tight pussy. Her athletic body will feel so good riding atop your thick sweaty dick.

After Inna has a good long volleyball practice session, she likes to relax in a hot shower. And you can join her! Since Busty is a premium solid silicone sex doll she is waterproof as well. Warm her up in the shower before you lay her down and fuck her until she can’t see straight. Inna’s butt is sculpted so invitingly, that when you slide yourself into her clenched butthole, we apologize for any premature explosions that she causes you.

Inna is not only big and busty, but beyond compare in every way (Especially how quickly she sucks out your cum.

Inna’s sexy measurements:

(Height: 5.5 feet) | (Bust: 42 inches) | (Waist: 27 inches) | (Hips: 42 inches) | (Weight: 80 lbs)

This particular doll only comes with removable vaginal insert