Nelly Sex Doll 5.4ft/163cm

1,700.00 1,470.00



Material: Life like skin of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with pose able metal skeleton.

Vaginal Depth: 6.7″/17cm | Anal Depth: 6.7″/17cm | Oral Depth: 5.1″/13cm

Body Styles Available for this Doll:

4ft5 C-cup (53″/135cm) | Measurements: 30-22-30 • Weight: 50 lbs.

4ft7 D-cup (55″/140cm) | Measurements: 29-20-29 • Weight: 51 lbs.

4ft9 C-cup (57″/145cm)  | Measurements: 31-20-32 • Weight: 55 lbs.

5ft A-cup (60″/153cm)  | Measurements: 31-22-32 • Weight: 59 lbs.

5ft1 B-cup (61″/156cm)  | Measurements: 31-21-32 • Weight: 60 lbs.

5ft1 E-cup (61″/156cm)  | Measurements: 33-22-32 • Weight: 60 lbs.

5ft2 D-cup (62″/158cm)  | Measurements: 34-24-33 • Weight: 61 lbs.

5ft4 C-cup (63″/163cm)  | Measurements: 32-24-32 • Weight: 66 l

If you want a love doll that looks and feels amazing in black lacy satin, then our new life size fuck doll Nelly will touch you in all the right places. Her soft supple form is exactly right to dress in petite little Gothic styles with lace, collars, satin, and black leggings (or any other color you want!). Nelly must be adorned in the most lovely items you can get for her. She really likes showing off what she has, and with an ass like hers it isn’t any surprise. If you stick a finger up her butt, you will feel the realistic folds and rubbings of a completely life like silicone anus. Her pussy is anatomically designed to provide you with the ultimate in orgasm squeezing technology. Molly’s vagina is so real, you will almost feel her cervix kiss against the tip of your dick as you are plunged into her depths.

Nelly is a lovely lithe little Gothic girl and you will want to paddle her naughty little bottom when you see her, but remember to be gentle with her because she is a delicate nubile virgin waiting to be ravaged. She stands 4 and a half feet tall, and weighs a satisfying 50 lbs. When her butt presses against your hips, your dick will slip right into her 30 inch hips as you wrap your hands around and firmly grab onto her tight trim 20 inch waist. Her bust is a jiggly and memorizing busty 32 inches, and each breast is a hefty handful.

Stick a finger inside her velvety labia lips, and you can feel the realistic ribs, nubs and bumps of her vaginal walls waiting to tickle your cock and make you burst and squirt cum. Both of her vice-tight lower holes is 7 inches deep, so feel free to pump her as hard as you can as she envelops your cock in warm fleshy tightness as close to a real virgin as is technologically possible. A doctor would even be impressed when examining her holes. Her luscious mouth is also devilishly pouty and soft and you can even shove yourself 6 inches deep into it and fill her throat with your load.

Nelly, like all of our fully life like realistic sex dolls, has a high quality posable skeleton made to pose and bend just like a real woman. That way you can pose and model her in her beautiful Gothic styles. Molly wants to look lovely in her petite little get ups before you sully her with your thick sticky sperm loads injected into each of her tiny holes.

Nelly is a solid silicone sex doll, so you can wash her knowing she is waterproof and able to be cleaned after each time you cum in her depths. She feels just like the real thing, especially warmed and lubed in preparation of her pounding.

Don’t pass up on a nubile girl as sexy as silk smooth as our Nelly , and she will milk you empty. Her sexy measurements are as follow:

Height: 4.5 ft

Shoulders: 14 inches

Breasts: 32 inches

Waist: 20 inches

Hips: 30 inches

Vagina depth: 7 inches

Mouth depth: 6 inches

Anal depth: 7 inches

Net weight: 50 pounds

Carton size: 55 x 19 x 12 inches


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